Namibia minister of works and transport appoint new RCC board members after old members sign self-funding agreement without authorization from the Government.

Namibia Minister of works and transport John Mutorwa appoint new temporary board of directors of RCC. Meanwhile Road Contractor company (RCC) has been going through problem which result in the minister decision.

The decision follows the State-Owned Enterprises Governance Act as the company is in crisis. A five board-member was also approve to oversee the affair of the company for six month according to the act.

The temporary board members are Orben Sibeya (chairperson), Dr Petrina Johannes (deputy chairperson), and Werner Schuckmann, Delia Kalangula and Justice Hausiku as ordinary board members.

According to the report, the Minister has also ask top management to provide all administrative and technical document. Meanwhile, the document will be in the care of the temporary board members till the case is over.

In the beginning of June, the cabinet has instructed the minister to remove the board member over an unauthorised N$2 billion deal with a Chinese firm. RCC is currently under a court-supervised rescue arrangement.

The major issue is how RCC sign an agreement with a chinese firm without the approval of the minister, Attorney-General. RCC also did not get an authorisation before entering into the self-funding agreement with Nantong Sanjian.


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