NamWater staff is planning to close off taps countrywide if their demand are not met.

The lack of quality water in the country is a major problem. This has made workers of Namibia Water Corporation (Namwater) making demand to go on strike if it is not fix. The worker are also unhappy with how the negotiation of their delayed salaries and lack of human resources policies.

Meanwhile, the employees on 31 August of this year held a peaceful demonstration over this issue. They also submitted a petition and gave management and board of directors 14 working days to solve their problem. The submission of the petition was by the workers union representative Committee (WURCOM).

The proposal was to end last thursday but till now, they have not received any feedback on the problem. Meanwhile with no feedback, the union is planning on the proposed strike.

WURCOM chairperson Uripeke Trevor Kaaronda said after submitting their petition, a meeting took place on September 10 with the board of directors and NamWater management. He also said the board wanted the union to bring a specific point which they did during the meeting.

According to Kaaronda said the board is offering employees 6.1% which is lower than the 7.63% they are demanding. Meanwhile employees are demanding for 8%. He also said he does not understand why the company advertising positions based on the new grades and structure that has not been approved.

Furthermore with the ongoing delay, NamWater is planning to close off taps countrywide as their demand is not forthcoming.


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