Namibia plans to spend over USD 696,000 on housing needs for low and middle income citizens.  

National Housing Enterprise (NHE) is a state-owned company providing housing solutions that alleviates Nambia’s housing needs.  The company recently announces its plan to spend over USD 696,000 in constructing and upgrading houses in an informal settlement in Windhoek – the nation’s capital. 

The construction will kick-off at Windhoek’s Katutura and Otjomuise townships before moving to other towns. Beneficiaries of the project are low and middle income people who have plots registered in their names, or those with lease agreements with the City of Windhoek.

NHE public notice reads ”Katutura and Otjomuise were strategically selected because there are many households in these areas. These areas have plots but do not have formal structures on them.”

NHE spokesperson Eric Libongani said ”The availability of funds would determine the number of houses to be built and/or upgraded, and the type of housing clients may choose.”

Meanwhile, some section of the country and opposition parties are not happy with the development. They feel the project is a way of deceiving the people that the current government is working. Apparently, the 2019 Namibian general elections in coming up in November 2019.


Mike Kavekotora, a member of parliament said “If we need 10% of the national budget to be allocated to housing, so be it. Let’s stick to that ratio until the housing challenge is duly addressed.”


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