Testing, inspection and certification services provider TUV Rheinland Quality Services South Africa has ensured that the design and fabrication of a new 15-m-long acid gas scrubber for one of South Africa’s largest fuel refineries has met all the quality and safety requirements for pressure vessels.

The column was manufactured in Germiston and the inspection process drew on the requirements of the national pressure equipment regulations and international health and safety standards. Independent design verification was undertaken by a professional engineer registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa.

In addition, the welding procedure specification and welder performance qualification certificates were verified, and an inspection of the weld preparation, fit-up and welding quality was undertaken. Workshop hydrostatic pressure testing was also conducted before the verification and signing of the certificate of manufacture.

“Testing, inspection and certification bodies are essential in ensuring that statutory regulations are adhered to.” Ramakulukusha said

TÜV Rheinland is committed to helping to drive safety, quality and efficiency in all South African industries, while establishing and maintaining the harmonious relationship between man, technology and theenvironment,” Ramakulukusha concludes.

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