Uganda’s second international Airport under construction

A new international airport in Uganda will soon surface. The Hoima International Airport also called Kabaale International Airport, is currently under construction in Uganda. This airport when completed will be Uganda’s second airport asides the Entebbe International Airport.

The airport design will see it accommodating Boeing 747-8Fs, Antonov An-124s and some of the world’s largest cargo aircraft. This is because it will also serve as a special purpose airport; to facilitate the delivery of heavy, long and sensitive equipment to be used in construction of the Uganda Oil Refinery and other oil related facilities.

Construction of the airport started in 2018, with an expectation to become complete by 2020 and fully operational by 2021. The airport will occupy 174.2 acres of land and will also boast of a single 3.5km x 75m runway. It will also have about 4km of access roads and a floor plan of 36m x 90m for its terminal building.

According to the chief mechanical engineer in Uganda’s ministry of works, Engr. Tony Kavuma Bafirwala; the new international airport under construction in Uganda became necessary, as the country seek to unlock its oil wealth.

Potential Investors in the Uganda Oil refinery and other oil facilities had complained about the country’s narrow and weak roads being an impediment to transporting heavy loads and equipment. So the new Hoima or  International airport in response to the their complaints will offer a quicker transport for the resources needed for the oil and gas projects.

The new international airport under construction in Uganda will be in Kabaale , Hoima District in Western Uganda; near the Kaiso-Tonya oil fields and the Uganda Oil Refinery. The Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda owns the airport.

Wow!!! by the close of 2020, Uganda will have two international airports.

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