Construction activities has resume on the National Housing Corporation (NHC) Morocco Square commercial tower following a recent loan-scheme restructure that helps to save at least 1.12bn/- a month.

The project which is 90% complete has so far sold 80% of residential apartments and commercial spaces at its Victoria Place and Morocco Square in Dar es Salaam through mortgage financing according to the Tanzania’s National Housing Corporation (NHC).

Deputy Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlement Development Angelina Mabula said the corporation is ready to complete its project which had been pending.

According to Mabula, “Construction work at the Kawe based 7-11 and Golden Primary Resident also reached 43% while work at Plot 300 Regent Estate has reached 11%.”

The NHC morocco square tower is a high-rise building having up to 17 floors that will be located at the nation’s capital. 

Source: DailyNews


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