The constant building collapse in the country has dragged the engineering society to have a negative review across the nation. But after the building society held a meeting towards eliminating such challenges, more agency are speaking about possible ways to eliminate the quackery in the sector.

General Manager of Lagos State Building Control Agency, Mrs. Abiola Kosegbe, had called for collaboration of professional bodies in the built environment to rid the state of quackery in the construction industry.

She also pointed out during the workshop that whenever the agency visited building construction sites in the state, it encountered masons and iron benders calling themselves builders and engineers. Which should never be as they lack the experience and technical know-how to understand what building a structure truly means.

It’s just like saying I can be a doctor and can perform a heart transplant without any experience which is totally wrong and as such killing the professional with such knowledge.

Meanwhile, absence of training and certification for masons and other artisans in the built sector is one major factor that needs to be looked at. 

Also it is vital that every state governors need to have up-to-date development and building control laws in line with the Nigerian National Building Code. 

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