Despite the daily outcry from Nigerians in the country over lack of power supply, Nigeria government still wants to connect another nation to its power grid.

It is not a bad idea helping a nation that is struggling with any infrastructure development but knowing your citizens are suffering of such is quite terrible.

The agreement is making progress after Chad Minister of Energy, Mrs Ramatou Houtouin flew into Abuja in furtherance of the expected deal as talk with top officials of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) continues.

The call for help came months ago after Chadian ambassador to Nigeria, Abakar Chachaimi, had asked for his country to be connected to Nigeria’s electricity grid during a visit to the Minister of Power, Mr. Sale Mamman in Abuja.

According to Chachaimi, connecting Chad to Nigeria’s electricity grid would further enhance the historical and economic collaborations between both countries. Plus, If the agreement is eventually reached, Chad will add to the number of countries that depend partly on Nigeria for their electricity needs.

The news will not go down well with residents in the country as electricity has been one of the major stumbling block affect the country.

However, it is reported that much of Nigeria’s generated electricity remain unused because the country is not able to distribute it as a result of poor transmission and distribution network, which has prompted it to sell to neighbouring countries.


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