The US$3.6m rehabilitation from Spares Motors junction to Mukono Municipality will run for 9 months.

The repair of the 3.5km Jinja highway will silent the public’s incessant complains about potholes and excessive water logs on the road. Hence, the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) has been cleared by the traffic police to proceed with the project.

The construction will be done from 11pm – 5am to enable commuter carry on with their daily activities. Also, vehicles coming from Jinja to Kampala will be diverted to Bweyogerere – Namanve industrial road. The police and UNRA pleaded with the public to comply with the traffic guidelines to ensure the speedy completion of the project.

These plans are all good, but then there are questions of the traffic congestion to be faced at these roads used as the diversion. Will there be measures put in place to reduce the expected traffic issues? 

Energo Nigeria Limited will head this project, and are expected to deliver a standard work considering the recent works.  Local contractors were awarded several contracts to avoid complains about contracts being awarded to foreign countries.

The Government is bent on solving the issues of traffic congestion in Kampala. This is just one among the projects to expand the roads within the city as well as the ones leading to and from the city. These projects will strengthen and develop the economy of the new Kampala Capital City Authority.

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