The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE); was set up in 1958 as an umbrella organization for Engineering profession in Nigeria. This is because Engineering is very vital to every nation’s development. The organization have now attained 60 years of existence, and is celebrating this feat with a commemorative colloquium.

On the 23rd of November 2018; The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) had a colloquium (an academic conference or seminar) to mark its Diamond jubilee. The colloquium served as a means to review the contributions of Engineering to the National development of Nigeria over the past 60 years. Meanwhile, the theme for the celebration was ”RE-ENGINEERING THE ENGINEER FOR OPTIMUM NATIONAL ECONOMIC GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT”.

The celebration had three different aspect that helped make the occasion a success. These aspects included the colloquium at NAF conference center in Abuja; a prayer session at the National Mosque in Central Area. And also a Thanksgiving service at First Baptists Church  in Abuja on the 25th of November 2018.


During the celebration, top decision makers, stakeholders in the nation and abroad, as well as members of the Nigerian Society of Engineers were also in attendance. The conference was hinged on how the body can create strategies for improving the Engineering sector.

The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) see this as a medium for further growth of the sector, as well as celebrating its hard work over the past 60 years. During the colloquium, NSE talked about how Re-engineering is vital for every Engineer. Times are changing and there is a need to keep up with the changing times.  There were also talks on ways of planning and boosting good infrastructural development in the country.

The event had in attendance Government officials at both the Executive and Legislative arms, industry experts, private sector and international development agencies.


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