Plans are underway to construct another stadium in Zimbabwe that will host high-profile games.

The government are making plans for the construction of a new multi-million dollar state of the art  stadium in Zimbabwe. These plans were revealed by the Harare City Council. The stadium will located in the South Western part of the Harare city.

The new stadium in Zimbabwe will cater for some of the nation’s high-profile games. According to the statement, the council will set aside US$1.4 million to be used this year for the initial phase of the project.

Harare City spokesperson Michael Chideme said ”This facility will be known as Highglen Stadium. He also said it will help decentralize the city’s sporting infrastructure.”

According to him, it will also help other properties in the area. This includes shopping malls in the area, as the construction will bring more people to the mall. The stadium will make the place lively as it has been lacking patronage for sometime now.

Harare City Housing Director Addmore Nhekairo said “Currently, we have five stadia as a city; but the city demands and requirements, lead to the decision to come up with a new state-of-the-art stadium to be located at the south of Highglen, close to the roundabout.”

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