President Andry Rajoelina visit ongoing projects that will have major socio-economic impact in Madagascar.

Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina visits different project across the nation that have the potential to increase the living standard of Malagasy. During his visit to Vinaninkarena, a town in Madagascar with a large population of farmers. President Andry reinstates his commitment to affordable housing with the ongoing construction of 100 affordable houses. This project is expected to boost economic activities in the town, while housing 450 people upon completion.

At Antsirabe – third largest city in Madagascar, President Andry is building a water treatment plant with a capacity to process 700 cubic meter of water. This plant will alleviate the growing demand for edible water in city, especially considering the rising population. Speaking with locals, President Andry promised to make the plant self sufficient and would have an agro-photovoltaic plant. More so, this new agro-photovoltaic plant will have solar panels to provide electricity to the treatment plant.


Since his inauguration ceremony in January 2019, President Andry has remained committed to his campaign promise of increasing access to electricity and fostering self-sufficiency in agriculture.

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