Presidential committee to assist Ministry of Works in solving the Apapa traffic gridlock.

In an effort to solve the Apapa traffic gridlock, Nigeria’s Presidential committee will assist the Ministry of works. The Apapa traffic gridlock has so far brought serious road traffic in the area.

The Presidential committee will partner with the Ministry to commence the rehabilitation work on the inbound lane. This lane will be on both Tin-can and Apapa-oshodi express road this week.

Chairman of the committee, Kayode Opeifa said ”Working with FMPWH, we hope to commence rehabilitation work on the inbound lane by Friday, June 7, to pave way for complete palliative of major sections of the outbound lane.”

During his statement, Kayode Opeifa also assure resident and business owner on their readiness to control the traffic congestion. He also said they hope to manage the situation by restoring law and order in the area.

The chairman also asked the general public, media and various stakeholders especially does in the area for their understanding. He said they should support in the bid to implement the Presidential directives.

He further calls on the different unions such as freight forwarders, truckers to direct their trucks and drivers to the approved park.



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