Quantel announced plans to pump 50mw under the Bwengu Solar Park Project for Malawi electricity grid

Quantel Renewable Energy is making plans to pump 50mw into Malawi electricity grid. This project was announced during the signing of 14 power purchase agreement (PPA) deal that involves different energy company.

Quantel CEO Marvis Fields said ”The Bwengu Solar Park Project will has the capacity to generate 50 mw. It may also go up to 65 mwp/year translating into the sufficient supply of clean and sustainable energy to home and business in Malawi.”

During the signing of the PPA, Fields said the agreement is a fruit of hard work. That it has led to the satisfaction of  the mandatory requirement stipulated in the independent power producer (IPP) framework in Malawi.

According to Fields, the power generated from the solar park will be fed directly into the national grid. This will be done via a direct connection point at Bwengu Escom substation which is 1000m away from the solar park.

The initiative will go beyond merely providing access to clean and sustainable energy of the people of Malawi. As it will also contributes towards the attainment of national and international development policies.

The historic milestone will be officially unveiled in August 2019.


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