Renovation of dirt road in progress at Eritrea.

The renovation of the dirt road has kick-off in eritrea. The project which will help improve the economic, business and social activities of the residents. So far around 80% of the renovation has been implemented.

According to resident, the renovation will help the local investors living in the area. It will also boost the trade and social services provision activities. Furthermore it will also keep the road from damage due to erosion when the construction of the canal begins.

Governor of the Anseba region, Ali Mahmud said ”The administration of the region has express readiness to stand alongside the residents in their activities.”

Harat Transportation Company as a result of renovating the dirt road has deploy buses. The aim is to start a transportation service from Keren to Kerxet, HalHal sub zone.

The renovation of the dirt road is about 120 km.


For more information, go through the following article on GambetaNews.

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