Residents of Robertsport City in Grand Cape Mount County are calling on the President of the Liberia Football Association (LFA), Mr. Mustapha Raji, to help build their county’s most famous sports ground, the Momo Taweh Sports ground in the city.

John H. Gordon, who once played as a midfielder for both FC Cape Coast Dwarf and the county football squad, highlighted that they all want the LFA President, Mr. Raji, to come to the aid of their county’s famous sports ground for the development of youth football talent in the county, which can only be done if a better training area is provided for youth skill development.

Former midfielder Gordon acknowledged that the fence surrounding the Momo Taweh Sports ground is about 90% the size of the Samuel Kanyan Doe Sports Complex, and if the nation’s football house could help to build the stadium, it could help the LFA to organize more games there and also help to develop the skill of youth.

Gordon said, “Currently, we, as residents of the City of Robertsport and the entire citizens of the county, are not pleased with the county’s only second division team, Tewor FC, continuing to be absent from playing their LFA national league home games in the county due to the lack of a better playing pitch. If the LFA can help to better develop this field, I can assure you that our youth who have a passion for football will quickly progress and they could be called to join big clubs in the country, including the national teams of Liberia, the Lone Star.”

Another football veteran from the county is former St. Muhle FC defender, Omaru Telemu Kiazolu, who supported former midfielder Gordon’s call for the LFA President, Mr. Raji, and his administration at the LFA to help construct the Momo Taweh Sports ground for the growth of youth talents that are passionate about the game.

Former defender Kiazolu said, “We are all calling on Mr. Raji and the LFA to come to the aid of our county’s number one sports pitch because we are confident that such help would help to reawaken the football spirit of our children and would help to focus their attention on their training.”

Musa E. Kiazolu, who once played as a midfielder for St. Muhle FC and for the county football squad in the 1980s, hopes that Mr. Raji and the LFA will respond to the call of the county citizens for the common growth of the game and its athletes.

“The LFA knows very well that one of its second division teams is Tewor FC from Cape Mount that ever qualified for the second division stage of the nation’s football house. So, for our county to be able to produce more second division teams, we need the national football house’s support,” he stressed.

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