Construction of a military base in northwestern village of Ngarr-buh see resident flee the area.

In February, troops massacred at least 13 civilians in the area as military says the base is needed to stop separatists from getting supplies in neighboring Nigeria.  But, villagers fear they may once again be targeted or get caught in crossfire.

Cameroonian rights groups and opposition political parties have criticized the base in Ngarr-buh, saying it will only increase tensions with villagers.

However, despite the ongoing tensions between the villagers and military, Cameroon authorities say the new military base is needed to stop rebels from re-supplying in neighboring Nigeria.

Cameroon’s president, Paul Biya, admitted in April troops committed the massacre after an international outcry when authorities initially denied it. He also ordered the arrest of troops that attempted to cover up the deaths by burning homes and filing a false report.

The separatists have been fighting since 2017 to carve out an English-speaking state from French-speaking-majority Cameroon.

Meanwhile, The United Nations says the fighting has cost more than 3,000 lives and forced half-a-million to flee to French-speaking regions or into neighboring Nigeria.


Source: VOA


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