Kalkfontein Residents protests over lack of water in the area.

Residents of Kalkfontein in Botswana are unhappy with lack of water supply in the area. This has lead to them taking flyer into the street to protest about the water crisis in the area.

The area has been without water for some time now which made the protest. Meanwhile according to reports, Vandalism is allege to have been the cause of water cuts in Kalkfontein.

Mayoral Committee Member for water and sanitation Xanthea Limberg said “The City’s Water and Sanitation Department, as soon as they were inform to the situation had tried to go to the area. She also said that they were halt access because of protest action.”

The resident was without water for two days which then brought about the protest. Meanwhile, City Official were eventually able to attend to the scene with the help of the police.

Captain FC Van Wyk said “The community set tyres alight and put rubble in the roads at Belhar and Reuter Roads. He also confirm that police as well as officers from the traffic and metro department were deployed to the area.”

During the protest, the police did not arrest any individuals.

Do you feel that the resident was right to protest or should they have submitted a petition and wait till they get a reply??

Let’s hear your take in the comment section below.


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