Ethiopia set to kick-off road infrastructure which will ease movement of goods and commodity.

Ethiopia is set to kick-off on its US$43m infrastructure projects. This project will help to improve the transport and network connection to boost trade. It will also help grow the nation economic.

The project will also help to lure investors and in the process create opportunity for the nation. Meanwhile,  Addis Ababa City Roads Authority is on the verge of completing the signing of road designing. This design will also be perform by  six constructors and five consultancy companies with the deal worth  US$43 million (Birr 1.2 billion).

Meanwhile according to the agreement, the project will have the construction of new 25.32 km asphalt concrete roads within Addis Ababa. It will also have the design of a new 156 km road construction in different locations of the town.

The aim of the project is to ease movement of both goods and commodity. It will also improve the city and will enable more startup, employment creation which will help contribute to the nation.

Furthermore, the upgrade of such infrastructure is hence crucial to accommodate the growing market. Meanwhile, road projects is covering the bigger chunk of the Parliament’s budget  with aim to attract more businesses.

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Meanwhile, with the various effort in place to grow the road infrastructure in this nation, will investors be willing to invest due to Africa’s lack of developmental approach?

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