Meru county set to use Roman cobblestone in paving 10 kilometres of road.

Kenya’s Meru county is set to use Roman cobblestone for its road construction. The county will spend Sh200 million in paving 10 kilometres of road with the technology in the 2019/2020 financial year. Meanwhile, the county needs more than Sh10 billion to implement programmes. This program is under the Annual Development Plan (ADP).

The county will also partner with Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology (KIHBT) and is also exploring the use of cobblestone paving technology. This will help create jobs for Meru Youth Service recruits which will engage in the production of cobblestones using locally available stones.

The Annual Development Plan (ADP) indicates that the water department will get the biggest chunk with Sh2.974 billion. Meanwhile finance is (Sh1.27 billion), roads (Sh1.13 billion, education (Sh814.9 million) and health (Sh660 million).

As part of ways to generate jobs, they will also employ more than 900 workers. The county will also use Sh30 million on acquiring Hansard equipment. It will also use Sh45 million for Speaker’s residence and Sh25 million on an office block and a-50 seater restaurant.


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