Russia takes a practical step by building a nuclear power plant for Rwanda.

After the Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi, Russia and Rwanda finalized on a deal to promote the use of nuclear energy in Rwanda. The deal was first initiated in December 2018, but was concluded after the summit. The project will completed by 2024 by Russia’s Rosatom Global Nuclear Company.

Legal Agreement

The agreement nails the immense alliance between both parties in handling the project. Still the agreement, a Center for Nuclear Science and Technology in addition to the Nuclear Power Plant will be built in Kigali.

Furthermore, the agreement outlines legal basis for interaction between Rwanda and Russia in the following aspects:

  • Development of nuclear infrastructure in line with the international requirements;
  • Elaboration of the regulation in the field of nuclear safety, supervision of physical protection of nuclear materials, radiation sources, storage facilities of nuclear and radioactive materials;
  • Supervision of the accounting and control of nuclear and radiation materials and radioactive waste;
  • Fundamental and applied research in the field of peaceful atom;
  • Manufacturing of radioisotopes and their application in manufacturing, agriculture and healthcare; and
  • Training and development of specialists for the nuclear industry.

The trade and political relationship between Rwanda and Russia has steadily grown over the years as the European country seeks to compete with the US, China and Western Europe for trade and political influence in Africa.

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“Our country has played a significant role in the liberation of the continent, supporting the struggle of its peoples against colonialism, racism and apartheid. Later on, we helped the Africans to protect their independence and sovereignty, gain statehood, form the basis for national economies, and create capable armed forces. Our African agenda is positive and future-oriented. We do not ally with someone against someone else; and we strongly oppose any geopolitical ”games“ involving Africa,” said President Putin.

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