The constant shortage of cement in the country is gradually becoming alarming but Prime cement is hoping to bridge that gap with the proposed opening of the cement plant.

Rwanda current shortage of cement on the local market has resulted in the sharp rise in market prices to Rwf13,000 from Rwf8,500 per bag of cement.

These current challenge has seen construction projects either put on hold or seen budgets on construction projects going significantly up as a result of cement shortage on the local market.

However with the proposed operation opening of the cement plant located at Musanze Industrial Zone in Kimonyi Sector, these problems will be reduced.

Eric Rutabana, the Chief Executive Officer of Prime Cement said the cement plant will bring solutions to the current cement shortage on the local market as well as create employment to some members of the community in Musanze.

According to report, the ongoing scarcity of locally manufactured cement is mainly driven by CIMERWA’s current quest to satisfy an urgent supply tender from the Ministry of Education which a few weeks ago embarked on a nationwide project to construct more than 20,000 classrooms in the country.


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