Vaccination programme success result in Rwanda govt. building a warehouse to help reducing child mortality.

Rwanda government has partner with GAVI Alliance to unveil a new vaccination programme office and a warehouse. The warehouse will help the health sector as well as support the nation vaccination programme.

Both the government and GAVI has had a longstanding relationship that has blossom over the years. Such partnership has resulted in Rwanda achieving 93% of its vaccination coverage. This has contributed to reducing child mortality in the nation.

Director General of Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC), Jeanine Condo has hailed the support of GAVI in the country’s vaccination programme. She also said the complex was built through the Performance Based Financing (PBF).

Currently, the vaccination programme is offering 13 antigens to a significant number of children, adolescent girls and the general population.

Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health, Dr Jean-Pierre Nyemazi said “We have been spending over four million Francs monthly on the warehouse rental. But now that we have our own warehouse, this money will be reallocated to other tasks.”

According to him, such task will include training or the construction of other buildings.

The success of the programme has made it possible to access additional funding for the construction of this building said programme officer in Anglophone Africa Region for Gavi, Mireille Buanga-Lembwadio.

Meanwhile, officials are working hard to make sure that the remaining 7% missed children maintain the high coverage in a cost effective and sustainable way.


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