Shell is making plans to launch Electric Vehicle charging station in South Africa.

Plans are underway for the launching of the first ever Electric Vehicle charging station in South Africa. This vehicle station will help in growing the nation’s economy as well as the Shell brand in South Africa. It will also play a key role in making sure customers have a good journey.

Shell Spokesman, Dineo Pooe said “This is part of our road map to 2025”. She also said “we will start small in 2019 and ramp up as demand increase”.

Shell and its strategic partners will fund the Electric Vehicle charging station in South Africa.

GridCars is one of several companies driving South Africa’s green e-mobility revolution. GridCars plans to install 200 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations by the end of march 2019.

Managing Director of GridCars, Winstone Jordaan said ”The company had held discussions with all the country’s oil companies about the installation of EV charging stations at retail fuel service stations.”

According to him, the company was close to concluding deals with three fuel companies that involved rolling out EV charging points at strategic sites, mainly on the major highways.

BP Southern Africa (BPSA) CEO,  Priscillah Mabelane said “The group was committed to remaining a major energy provider to vehicles in a low-carbon future, irrespective of the power train”. She also said they are developing more efficient fuels and lubricants.”

According to her, BP is actively participating in the advanced mobility space through investments in infrastructure, technology and partnerships. Meanwhile, they will be watching these developments with interest and will leverage off the group experience and knowledge appropriately.

The Electric Vehicle charging station in South Africa will be of great benefit to the nation as it will bring tourism and investment.

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