SOREDON have emerged to support Nigerian government at all levels in tackling its huge housing shortfall.

The Society of Real Estate Developers of Nigeria (SOREDON) have pledged to support Nigerian government in tackling the prevailing housing deficit (valued at 17 million units)  in the country by planning to construct and deliver 10,000 housing units in each of the country’s 36 states plus the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

This plans are said to be subject to the federal government providing enough lands with all the necessary titled documents in each of the states. The Society also plans to  build a standard modern market and a modern functional health centre for each local government in all the states.

According to Dr. Michael Abiodun Adedeji, The Executive Chairman, Soredon Limited, this move by the organization will will enable it perform its function as project executors and societal benefactors.

Mr. Adedeji explained that the membership of the society is restricted to only Corporate entities in the field of real estate development, construction engineering, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering, building and allied trade concerns, so that its set objectives will be easily achieved.

He also stressed on the need for intellectual and practical quality of housing delivery as this will aid in avoiding issues such as collapse of buildings.

SOREDON will also put in place a monitoring group to monitor and access the quality of work delivered by these experienced corporate entities. The self-assessment will ensure the quality of materials and delivery.

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