The renovation of Soroti hospital is now on hold after engineers condemned the structure, saying it is old and dilapidated, and that the wall was too weak.

According to Principal hospital administrator, Simon Kisabagirye “the medical ward was infested by termites and we thought it was necessary to renovate it but when our contractor started the work, we were stopped by the municipality engineers”.

Kisabagirye also said they have stop the work pending consultations from the Ministry of Health and verification by the chief engineer. That it’s only the chief engineer from the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development that can give final condemnation.

Meanwhile, Soroti municipal engineer, Alex Oriekot, said: “I have always had some reservations [about issues of the hospital], I want you to get information from the hospital because I made my recommendations and they have everything.”

While hospital director, Dr Michael Mwanga said “We don’t have enough money for a new structure and in any case should we fail to agree on the modalities we shall return the money since erecting a new building of the same kind requires more than US$93k (Shs350m)”.

It is important to note that the renovation is at a cost of US$66k (Shs250m) which is short of US$26k (Shs100m) to erect a new building for the hospital.


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