South African software developers are in high demand

South African software developers that service the financial sector are in high demand locally and internationally as they capitalize on expertise gleaned from operating in one of the most sophisticated banking and advanced mobile tech environments in the world.

The country’s highly progressive banking system, good technical skills, mobile know-how and competitive pricing are making it an important destination for international fin-tech software development.

South Africa has a developed banking system, and her mobile technology is equally modern. Put that together with innovative software developers, and you have a combination that’s ready to take on the world. They have a relatively small banking community of just 13 banks, made up of the big five, and then second-tier operators.

The US banking system as a whole is also not particularly advanced. For example, around a quarter of all payments in that country happen by cheque. There are few organisations in South Africa still using such a dated process.

Although all banking apps need to allow users to do similar things like check balances and perform transactions, the real challenge for developers lies in consolidating and standardizing the underlying technologies that allow these transactions to be carried out across multiple systems. South Africa stands out as an attractive destination for fin-tech software development not least because development costs here are in rands. Our rates are highly competitive, with a higher quality of service and expertise than at other development sites around the world, including those in Eastern Europe, India and the Philippines concludes.

Banks, insurance companies, and many other financial services organisations are turning to South African specialist software developers because they are likely to have already encountered and dealt with the challenges of bringing secure banking and mobile technology together.

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