Tanzanian And Ugandan Collaborate in Oil Exploration

Tanzanian Energy Minister, Dr Medard Kalemani said Tanzania have teamed up with Ugandan to conduct oil exploration at various areas in Tanzania.

The Minister said this at a recent workshop for the parliamentary committee on energy and minerals members. He also said that the ministry have set up a joint team to carry out the oil explorations. This joint team will enable experts from Tanzania borrow experience from their Ugandan counterpart; as the discovery of oil is very recent in Tanzania.

Tanzania discovered gas in its southern region and oil exploration is in progress in various parts of the country.

Dr Kalemani said the decision by government to put an agreement with Uganda for oil experts was after the discovery of oil in Lake Albert. Currently, talks are also ongoing between Tanzanian and Ugandan concerning the pipeline project from Hoima-Tanga. The project is also referred to as the East African Crude Oil Pipeline.

According to the Minister the joint meeting should have ended this month but they shifted the meeting to June. Ugandan has already completed talks with an  investor who will conduct the oil drilling. The talks between both countries concerning construction will however resume in May.

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