Tanzania Zambia Mafuta (Tazama) is seeking for funds to upgrade its pipeline diameter to 12 inches. The fund in question for the upgrade is proposed to be US$400million.

Speaking to media, Tazama’s Tanzania Regional Manager, Abraham Saunyama said “What we want is to make the whole pipeline from Dar to Ndola a 12-inch to increase the performance of the pipeline,”

He further said having different size diameters along the pipeline hinders the pumping capacity. That they are capable of paying slowly and a number of institutions have come forward, want to provide the loan to us.

Meanwhile the current pipeline pumping capacity at the moment is 60% which equals to 2million litres a day. But after upgrading, the amount will raise to 95%

Tazama is jointly owned by Zambia with 66.7% and Tanzania with 33.3% share capital. It will take 18 months to complete the upgrading using internal experts once the fund is obtained.


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