The recently commissioned 22 storey URA Towers is now the tallest building in Uganda.

Uganda’s tallest building is accommodating the state’s Revenue Authority. As a result, the 22-storey building will ensure service delivery and efficiency in the collection of taxes. In fact, Jonathan Nsubuga an Ugandan architect designed the tower to utilise natural light and natural airflow. Therefore, reducing the operating cost of maintaining the building. 

Tallest building in Uganda


Name: URA Towers

Floor area: 26,021sqm.

Constructed: 2015 – 2019 (4 years)

Commissioned by: President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

Financed by: Ugandan Government.

Cost: USD 37 million (UGX 139 billion)


In essence, the newly commissioned building will greatly reduce the amount of money spent by the Ugandan Revenue Authority on rent. This amounts to millions of dollars which could be spent on other infrastructural projects. Therefore, new facility is equipped with state of the art facilities and is fully furnished with locally manufactured Ugandan furniture! Watch the video below for a guided tour in the newly commissioned URA towers head quartered in Nakawa, Kampala.

Featured Image by Nze Eve @mudo_eve

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