As a young engineer myself, the deviation in the sector is becoming alarming especially as different young engineers has different ideology of what is currently facing the industry at the moment. I could remember vividly back then in school we were made to understand that Engineering is critical to Nigeria as it is a major driver of growth and an essential solution in addressing the country’s infrastructural deficiencies. 

However the constant challenge rocking the industry with the many building collapsed across the nation is putting a dent on the integrity of the body as quacks has taken over the problem meant for certified engineers. With such reoccurring event, the sector is gradually losing its credibility and needs its leaders at the helm of affairs to act swiftly to save a sector once renouned as the major driver of the nation.

According to Engr. EJIKA, Emmanuel Oshala, MNSE MNIPE – Executive Director, CAYEi, “To save the economy, we need production and technological innovations, to achieve these, we need Engineers, and to have Engineers, we must groom, train, orientate and integrate them, by bridging the gap between the academia and the industries.”

While growing up, there was this popular saying that the youth are the future leaders of tomorrow but some young engineers don’t see this actually beening true as most feel the leaders at the helm of affairs in society are not doing enough to carry them along. Most of them feel there is more the leader should do while others see the industry gradually losing its self importance, if a quack can actually performances their job by mainly learning how to use designed software.

Our young engineers are unhappy about the way things are going. I had a chat recently with some young engineers who complains due to various arise as a result of lack of jobs to go round and lack of opportunities to embark on their professional journey after graduation. Some are even looking at the opportunity that other sectors offer as they comes with better financial package that the Engineering sector can’t offer them whereby reducing the potential of future engineers in our industry.

Meanwhile, despite such complains, some young engineers still felt the industry should not be dent by constant nagging among some young members and negative  name calling of the professional bodies because it is as good as denigrating of our profession.

These set of members said they understand that some issues are beyond our controls but it has to be put right. That engineers should pride themselves  as professionals that are trained to solve problems. Why then are some of us running away from solutions and looking for messiah outside ourselves?.

They also accept it will take more than meeting government officials to put them all right as the problem sometimes is beyond our professional associations. That some of this senior engineers also has professional challenges or problems especially with foreigners taking major part of the big contract in the country.

Currently, the Nigeria economy is affecting everybody but should young engineer stand to build the house or continue to tear it down? the decision is up to them.



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