Will the Government provide a maintenance plan that can ensure the Timbo River bridge last for the said 80-100 years?

Timbo river bridge which collapsed on January 8, 2011 is set for completion. The Bridge which recorded one death during the collapse connects Rivercess and Grand Bassa Counties in Liberia. Meanwhile, according to reports, the bridge could not withhold the weight of a commercial truck, loaded with planks from ITI.

The announcement was made by the contractor Jupiter Construction Company. According to the contractor, the rainy season has been a major challenge as the project was delaying.

Jupiter Construction Company boss,  Floyd Thomas said the American made Steel Bridge weights up to 200 tons and is capable of taking a massive weight of 85 tons. He also said that it will last for 80-100 years.Image result for TIMBO RIVER BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION in liberia

The question is will the right maintenances system be put in place before it can last for the said years?

Speaking during the tour, Public Works Minister Mobutu Nyenpan said the Government places serious focus on its swift construction and dedication of the project soon. According to Nyenpan, the government is equally concerned of its people and is doing everything possible to improve their welfare.

Meanwhile, Grand Bassa County Superintendent Janjay Baikpen promise to take all necessary security mechanisms to avoid undermining of the bridge by illegal sand miners.

Does the bridge have a maintenance procedure?

In most developing nation especially in Africa, bridges are always constructed but without having a maintenance system. Maintenance is more critical as it keeps the bridge viable. This bring about a monitoring system which improves safety and reduce operations costs by optimizing the maintenance cycle.

It is vital that the project has a bridge monitoring system. This will enable monitoring movements, vibrations and structural changes of bridges due to its international standard status according to the contractor.

Challenges facing Residents in the area?

Image result for TIMBO RIVER BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION in liberiaCurrently, residents and passengers in the area are using canoes to transport goods and services. This has also increased the prices of basic commodities which has affected them. However, the feeling around the area is that things will go back to normal after the completion of the bridge.

The major issues is ”Can a maintenance system be made available to ensure the bridge last  for 80 – 100 years?



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