Two micro-dams have been inaugurated in Tselot, Gala-Nafhi sub-zone and in Gurit, Serejeka sub-zone of Eritrea.

The dams which are worth over 5 million Nakfa will help residents in reducing the water shortage facing the area.

Speaking during the inuaguration, Zerit Tewoldebrhan, Managing Director in the Central region, said that the two dams will have significant contribution in alleviating water shortages both to the public and livestock as well as in developing irrigation farming.

Meanwhile, the administrators of both sub-zones on their part called on the residents to make proper use of the dams and reinforce participation for their sustainability.

So far, document in the Central region state that there are 124 dams and micro-dams of various sizes located in the region.

Source: The World News

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