U.S. Govt donates US$370,900 for community development projects in Zimbabwe.

In a bid to help develop more community and change lives, the US government has donated US$370,900 to Zimbabwe. This fund is from the small grant program which will be use in 17 communities from nine province.

The grant will target and assist small-scale,short term community project that will bring tangible and immediate improvements in the people lives. Meanwhile, it will also help advance projects and encourage future development in the area.

US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Brain A. Nicholas said “Importantly, the program will also help bring Americans and the people of Zimbabwe closer together. He also said this will be their first introduction to the United State and our positive contribution to Zimbabwe.”

The funding of the community project is from a host of top firms that wants to grow this brand as well as helping the community. This funding source are The Africa Regional Democracy Fund (ARDF), US President Emergency Plan for ADIS Relief (PEPFAR). It also include Julia Taft Refugee Fund and the Ambassador’s Special Self Help (SSH) Fund.

The Embassy has identify that the small grants also recognize what the community is doing towards helping themselves. Meanwhile,the grant is a one-time thing that will help local organisation and communities start up or continue sustainable projects to improve the economy.

The various funding organisation has share their responsibilities according to their line of work. PEPFAR will help assist the communities in terms of providing care and support to residents. Julia Taft Refugee Fund will assist individuals that are having Refugee problems while ARDF is providing fund for legal advise.

ARDF fund which is US$200,000 will be given to Legal Resource Foundation. This foundation will help to strengthen the citizen and also improve accountability within the leaders. It will also address human right issue in the nation.

The Embassy wants to continue its support for the country as so far it has donated more than US$2 Billion for community project in the nation.

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