Egypt Government analysing proposal from UAE company for the construction of a desalination plant

Egypt Government has announced they has received offer from a UAE company to construct a desalination plant in the nation. The proposal for the construction which is worth US$800m will have a total capacity of 500,000 cubic metres per day.

Deputy Minister of Housing, Osama Hamdy made the statement to the press. According to him, a committee has been formed to study the offer. That the offer will be studied before a memorandum is presented to the Ministry then to the cabinet for final decision.

The proposed desalination plant will add to the already existing 63 plants with 19 other desalination plant set for implementation soon. However, the existing 63 plants has a total capacity of 700,000 cubic metres per day while the yet to be implemented 19 plants will produce 400,000 cubic metres per day.

Egypt also have a plan to expand the desalination plants to solve the water deficit and reduce the cost of transporting Nile water to the border governorates. This is by launching more 21 desalination plants before the end of 2022 to bring the total desalinated water in Egypt to 2.5m cubic metres per day.


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