Doctors unhappy with Uganda government over support for the construction of Lubowa hospital.

Doctors of  Uganda Medical Association has express their dismay over government plans to support the construction of  a specialised hospital. The deal was signed with a consortium comprising of Finasi and ROKO Construction Company.

The plan is to construct a new specialized hospital in Lubowa.  Meanwhile, the deal has not been received well by doctors in the nation. According to them, the government is neglecting local hospitals.

Uganda Medical Association President, Dr Ekwaro Obuku said “We note with deep concern that this is being done when the Mulago hospital rehabilitation has been suspended due to lack of funds equivalent to Shs 24bn.”

According to him, it is disturbing because government has halted renovations of Mulago national referral hospital due to lack of funds. The immediate impact of stalling of rehabilitation works at Mulago hospital has affected patients seriously.

Senior Surgeon at Mulago hospital, Dr Gideon Rukundo Rugari  said “The current stalling in the rehabilitation of Mulago national referral hospital is a matter for concern. He also said we urge the government to prioritise mobilising the necessary funding to finalise the rehabilitation of Mulago ahead of the Lubowa project.”

According to Rugari, the government should reduce the cost of the Lubowa project. They should also allocates funds saved, to these institutions including the private sector. The future of the Hospital is at stake as some specialists have already left the country in disgust.


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