Uganda President commission fence at Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kasese.

President Yoweri Museveni has announced via his official twitter account the commissioning of an electronic fence. This fence will be located at Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kasese.

The construction of the fence will help protect Human-wildlife conflict. As it is a big threat to conservation especially in the areas surrounding the National Parks. Meanwhile, construction of the fence kick-off in october 2018.

However, the only challenge that faced during the construction process where constant break in by resident. This made them have access to the conservation areas to collect firewood or water or poach animals.

During the construction, residents said the fence helped them spend night at with their children instead of camping all night to fight the wild animals. According to Yakobo Yabwe a resident at Kafuro, ”the Construction of the electric fence is a blessing since some of us are being employed and trained to do the work hence earning an income which helps us sustain our family’s livelihood”.

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