Every Africa nation has its problem when it comes to infrastructure development, with South Africa major problem has to be water supply.

In the past couple of months, the nation has witness serious water drought all over the country. Special water tanks had to be supplied to different location to help solve this challenge especially with the corona virus outbreak.

Now in Motherwell, residents say the water tank is beginning to run dry and is calling on Government to take action.

According to Luyanda Kondlo, a community leader in Ramaphosa say residents spend time in long queues waiting to fetch water. That they are failing to comply with the regulations on social distancing due to these queues.

Acting Mayor Thsonono Buyeye has said, “While people are still staying in shacks, we need to move swiftly with services so that we do not have people queueing in their hundreds in front of a single water tap. In these conditions we may as well as forget about social distancing and washing of hands.”


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