Chilewa Investments Limited acts as intermediaries to recruit, build capacities, train and manage competent contract staffs, lease equipment and provide transportation services, and also mediate for Oil & Gas companies.

Chilewa Investments Limited, a manpower and Oil & Gas logistics support services provider, is currently recruiting for a WELDING & PAINTING SERVICE to an Exploration and Production (E&P) Company in Port Harcourt.

The E&P company, is a company operating in the upstream sector of the Nigerian hydrocarbon industry for more than 50 years and also accounting for over 3 billion barrels of oil equivalent to Nigeria’s production to date.

• Ensure awareness and compliance with HSE rules and regulations by contractors,
• Ensure strict application by contractors of PTW (permit to work) and approved work procedures in order to not
endanger safety of personnel and integrity of the facilities,
• Ensure compliance of the works with the applicable regulations, specifications and technical documents,
• Ensure works’ schedule is met.

SERVICE Description:
Services to be performed by the CONTRACTOR shall include the following, but without limitation:
• Assist ECP Site Superintendent,
• Guide the contractors and COMPANY personnel during site technical visits (pre-bid, study, etc.) and provide
clarification as necessary,
• Participate to the site kick off meetings and associated JRA,
• Participate to the post-mobilization inspections made with FO for all ECP activities to take place on site,
• Verify proper qualification of contractors’ construction & inspection personnel and report any deviation,
• Verify suitability as well as proper calibration and documentation of contractors’ construction & inspection
equipment and report any deviation,
• Verify proper identification of material to be incorporated as well as availability and suitability of supporting
documentation (mill test certificates, prefabrication dossier, vendor documentation, etc.) and report any
• Verify proper preparation and organization of the contractors (availability of necessary personnel, tool and
documentation) and report any deviation,
• Follow up of the work permits (PTW) from preparation, signature and up to closure, handling their technical
aspects and liaising with HSE supervisor regarding their safety aspects,
• Verify suitability of scaffolds to be used by contractors and report any anomaly or inadequacy,
• Verify proper implementation by contractors of the approved work procedures and report any deviation,
• Verify proper implementation by contractors of the approved Quality Control Plan (ITP) and report any
• Verify proper maintenance by contractors of material, welding, NDT and painting traceability and report any
• Verify proper maintenance by contractors of an as built marked-up master of technical drawings and diagrams,
• Verify proper implementation by contractors of the pre-commissioning tests/checks and report any deviation,
• Review and endorse contractors’ inspection, check and test records or reports,
• Prepare and issue NCR in case of deviation from applicable specifications or approved technical documents,
• Verify works’ progress against schedule and report any slippage,
• Provide assistance to commissioning team.
• Provide daily activity report and progress follow-up to Site Superintendent, QC Leader and Project Engineer,
• Carry out any other task that may be assigned to him.

• Promote safety culture and COMPANY HSE rules within COMPANY and contractors personnel,
• Participate in and conduct tool-box meetings before any ECP activity takes place on site,
• Ensure that compensatory measures highlighted during the Job risk analysis (JRA) session and into the PTW
(Permit To Work) are in place,
• Ensure that applicable HSE rules and specifications are complied with at all time during execution of the works
(regardless of whether they are performed by COMPANY or contractors personnel), take actions as required in
case of deviation, stop the works when deemed unsafe, and organize corresponding tool-box meetings,
• Report and address any anomaly.

• Engineering background with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in construction of Oil & Gas installations.
• Qualifications:
Engineering bachelor degree or higher national diploma and AWS-CWI or IWI-S/C or IWT or CSWIP3.2 minimum
qualification in welding inspection and ISO 9712 or ASNT level 2 minimum qualification in RT films interpretation
as well as NACE or BGAS or FROSIO level2 minimum qualification in painting inspection.
• Good English
• Good interpersonal and communication skills with ability to adapt and to discuss with contractors

SERVICE Scheme and Location:
• Rotational – 28/28 Days, 12 hours a day (day or night shift), 7 days a week


How to Apply

Interested applicants should therefore send their curriculum vitae (CV) to chilewa_groupe@yahoo.co.uk

Note: CV file name should be in the following format: “Position Applied for – Your Name”




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