The continue war over the 145-metre-high, 1.8-kilometre-long Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) between Ethiopia and Egypt is set to continue with both parties still yet to agree on technical term as Sudan is cut in the middle.

When completed, the Dam will become the largest hydropower plant in Africa. With that in mind, both Ethiopia and Egypt are in serious power tussle over the project.

Just a few weeks ago, Sudan rejected a proposal from Ethiopia which now means there can’t be any deal that may sideline Egypt, the country that most needs the Nile waters.

However, expert say the war over the Nile might be a good thing. That if Egypt attacked Ethiopia, the antiquated idea that the Nile is a common good to which all have natural rights would collapse. It would finally become a national asset to which countries along it, especially those which shed blood and spent vast treasures to secure, own.

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