Over the past decades, the nation has been suffering from poor housing. Such challenges for lower-income households to obtain their own home are twofold. Lack of affordable, good quality housing stock and the difficulty of gaining housing finance has been a major problem.

The country is the second-most populous and the least urbanized nation in Africa. Nevertheless, the growth of urbanization, along with population growth, has been increasing at an alarming rate.

Most of the houses in Ethiopia are below quality standards and lack adequate space. The extent of provision for water supply, electricity, and drainage is very minimal. All these has made the country to have serious problem as even Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia is not free from housing problems.

So many factors has affected the nation when it comes to the housing sector. Such Includes, the delay of the construction, the rise of price on construction materials, illegal occupation of the land and the house, not to build in accordance with the program and schedule, lack of quality, and so on are some of the problems which are mentioned in the side of the city administration.

Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation CEO Engineer Yonas Ayalew said that the necessary preparations have been made to complete the construction of the prefabricated houses on time. So broadening the construction of houses options are significant to fulfill the demand for housing. Hence, prefabricated house construction could be the best alternative to satisfy the demand for housing.


SOURCE: Ethiopian Herald

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