In celebration of World Engineering Day (WED) 2021, the Young Engineers / Future Leaders Committee (YE/FL) and the Engineering for Innovative Technologies Committee (CEIT) of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) invites you to submit a video to showcase contributions that young engineers are making towards a more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive world. Young engineers from around the world will be featured in a video compiled for and presented at the WED celebrations on March 4th, 2021.


From January 20th to February 12th, you are invited to submit a video highlighting the important role that young engineers play towards accelerating action towards sustainable development. Submissions shall be made by engineering students or graduate engineers under 36 years old. The video should be a maximum of 60 seconds and can answer one or more of the following topics:

1. What is the importance of engineering in working towards a more sustainable world?

2. What advice do you have for young engineers interested in making a positive impact in their community?

3. Share an example of how young engineers are already contributing to sustainable development.


A selected number of videos, with consideration for gender, regional and other diversities, will be featured during the WED in March 2021, as well as on the WED and WFEO websites as a tool for awareness-raising. For any questions please reach out to:


SOURCE: World Federation of Engineering Organisation

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