Twin Tower to be build by Zamara in kenya that will have over 46 floors for commercial, retail and office use.

The construction of the twin tower is set to be constructed by zamara. It will contain a commercial and retail floor for the first three floors while the other rest floor for office. Also the east wing of the tower will have 30 floors while the other will have 16 floors.

Zamara’s Umbrella Solutions Head Angela Okinda said “The project is in Westlands where the intention is to build commercial and retail real estate with two towers. She also highlighted that one of 16 floors and another of 30 floors with three floors of retail space. She expect the project to kick-off  in the second half of 2018.”

The aim of the project is to help their member retirement schemes which has up to 33,000 member to benefit them. The project will use their 128 acres of land in Nairobi, and Kisaju and Kipeto in Kajiado County to build.

Zamara Executive Director James Olubayi said “Our first strategy was to build a residential estate of 211 housing units worth US$ 27m. He also  highlighted that a mall worth US$ 4m to be build at our 30 acre property in Kitengela. He also said that the purchasing a commercial building with tenants will boost earnings for our members.”

The construction of the project will commence in the mid-part of this year after preliminary plan was complete. The project will take place in the Westlands area of Nairobi.


For more information, go through the following article on GambetaNews.


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