Zimbabwe government has announced it’s plans to invest fund into its public infrastructure next year.

This plan will ensure it’s citizens can participate in Zimbabwe’s social and economic development with investment in energy, transport, water, health, housing, education, ICT and irrigation leading the pack.

The investment plan is under the National Development Strategy 1, which makes the Government takes the lead in providing the infrastructure and services required by the private sector.

The strategy main responsibility is creating the new wealth, and to ensure that no one is left behind as Zimbabwe plans to moves forward.

Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube said the National Public Infrastructure Investment Programme for 2021 will provide new impetus in the delivery of projects that support economic recovery and growth, protect lives and livelihoods, create jobs and stimulate productive investment.

Quoting Ncube, “Overall support under the Infrastructure Investment Programme for 2021 amounts to $139,8 billion.”

While the bulk of the funds come from Government revenue, Minister Ncube said consistent with Government decision that projects with capacity to generate cashflows be funded from the market, US$39.9 billion will be mobilised through loans, mainly targeting the energy and transport sectors where tariffs and user fees are generated almost immediately and are able to service and repay the loans.


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