President Mnangangwa has acknowledge that hiring local construction firm has save the nation billions.

He made the statement while commissioning the Marovanyati Dam. According to him, US$1.3 billion on the ongoing construction of the Harare-Beitbridge Road has been saved due to local construction firm undertaking the project.

Quoting President Mnangangwa, “We are constructing roads, in the past we used to think that we couldn’t do it on our own. We used to seek foreigners, but not anymore.”

The latest statement will surely be a boost to the local firms in the country as most of them are unhappy with foreign company handling most of the country big projects.

Meanwhile, the massive dam having a full supply capacity of 50 million cubic metres and a surface area of 546 hectares will surely transform lives in Buhera, a district that has low annual rainfall and was thus susceptible to weather vagaries.

Quoting President Mnangangwa during the dam commissioning, “This dam was not envisaged by us but it was a project that has been in the pipeline for so many years. When we came, we moved from talking into implementing this project. This has taken two years, this dream is now a reality. This dam was built by our local engineers. I have been promised that going forward they will be building on their own.”


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