President Mnangagwa calls for a new facelift on building in Harare.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has urge harare council to inform owner of building to refurbish it. According to President Mnangagwa it will help restore the city’s sunshine status.

The president also suggest that Clr Gomba comes up with by-laws that will compel property owners to keep their buildings in order. This should be through constant refurbishing and painting.

President Mnangagwa said “Your Worship, Cde Mayor, look at the beauty of this building. May you insist that those in business in your city uplift the buildings by repainting them.”

According to him, by-laws should be pass after a certain period to give the building a face lifted. The plan is part of Government’s Vision 2030 which is to ensure that buildings in the cities are well maintained.

The recently call from the President has seen travel expert air their views. According to them, It will help inspires many people to travel.

The President’s clean-up campaign has fostered a spirit of oneness, patriotism and love of the environment. This has made more people make cleaning up the environment part of their life.


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