The construction of a road linking the new Fish Town Harper Road in Maryland County has been completed.

The US$55.4 million Fish Town Harper Road Project which is expected to runs from Karloken to Harper City and Harper to the Cavalla Customs was funded by the African Development Bank.

So far, the new road is set to help residents who until a few months ago were constrained to live, work and travel on roads that took hours; and sometimes days, due to potholes, mud traps, heavy dust and danger at almost every point.

Ministry of Public Works manage the process with China Railway #5 as its construction contractor and Comptran Group, their engineering consultant.

It is important to note that the new road has brought some relief more notably to both Tubman University as well as Cavalla Rubber Corporation whom has seen increase in student population as well as ensured an impact on both efficiency and revenue for the latter.


Source: FrontPageAfrica


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