AFDB to prepare financial package for Zimbabwe after impressive economic reform

Africa development Bank has set up a plans to help Zimbabwe. The financial package comes as a result of the nation impressive political and economic reforms.

Speaking during the 54th Meeting of Boards of Governors of the AfDB, Dr Kapil Kapoor  confirmed the package. According to him the bank are happy with the reform after meeting with Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube.

Dr Kapil Kapoor said “We are in the process of having discussions with the African Development Fund donors on what are the size (of funding) the AfDB would disburse; what are the conditions of the entire programme?”

Dr Kapoor also said that “Government has to commit to all these laws that they are changing. Once this track record of reforms is established, this will then allow for further funding.”

Meanwhile, the continental bank is expected to fund at least three major projects in Zimbabwe by october this year.


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