President Uhuru Unveiled Africa’s largest Geothermal Plant

On Tuesday, President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya presided over a ground breaking ceremony of Africa’s largest Geothermal Plant. During the ceremony, He unveiled the 83.3MW Olkaria 1 Additional Unit 6 Geothermal Power Plant. The geothermal plant is the largest in Africa in terms of installed capacity. Further, ensuring Kenya’s future in sustainable energy sources. A truly commendable effort by the Kenya Electricity Generating Company PLC.

During the ceremony, President Uhuru said; “We are progressing well as a country towards generating and connecting our people to affordable electricity. Ensuring we have adequate, reliable & affordable electricity is a primary objective of my Administration. We set this objective because we know with accessible electricity to all sectors, including rural areas, we are sure of enhancing growth of industries”

These developments align with President Uhuru’s Big4Agenda. It is undeniable that adequate supply of electricity is a primary enabler of his ambitious plan. When He assumed office in 2013, access to electricity was under 29%, with only 2.2 million households connected. Today, 6.9 million households, and virtually every public primary school in the Republic, are connected to electricity.




Picture : @Ukenyatta

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