Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA) has said that works to revamp Amahoro national stadium have started for the facility to host international football matches, concerts and public events.

According to RHA Chief budget manager Noël Nsanzineza, the stadium will undergo a major renovation that will entail expansion works and some additional roofing that will shield spectators from extreme weather conditions and also give them comfort.

Amahoro National Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium with a capacity of 25,000 people and that number will be increased to 45,000, making it the biggest stadium in the country. 

“We have started the preliminary phase of the work and it will take about 24 months to finish,” Nsanzineza said. The Construction work will be done by Summa JV RWANDA.

The project will start with the upgrade of Amahoro stadium as well as the refurbishment of Amahoro indoor stadium and the Paralympic games gymnasium.

The stadium was initially constructed by the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, at a cost of US $21m. Construction began in March 1984 and was completed in January 1989. However, over the years the stadium has seen some regular upgrades and renovations.

SOURCE: New Times

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